• Stellite 6 bush for butterfly valve
  • Stellite 6 bush for butterfly valve
  • Stellite 6 bush for butterfly valve
Stellite 6 bush for butterfly valve

Brand: TNM

Product origin: China

Delivery time: 25-50days

Supply capacity: 2000pcs/month

Stellite Cobalt Chrome Alloy Stellite 6 bearing bush, butterfly valve parts. We supply a variety of specifications for domestic and foreign customers.

Stellite 6 bush for butterfly valve

Stellite 6 Bush for Butterfly Valve

We have produced more than thousands specifications and all of them are produced upon customer’s drawing. This is one of our mature products,quality can be guaranteed.


Stellite bushing can be used for many industries, such as oil & gas pump, galvanized production line, etc.. As its excellent wear and corrosion resistance, if the using environment need the parts has high temperature, wear and corrosion resistance at the same time. Stellite bushing is a also good parts for butterfly valve. 


Now we could supply many kinds of stellite bushing, stellite 3, stellite 4, stellite 6 and stellite 12, etc. If you need other stellite products we can also supply many stellite rod, stellite plates, stellite blade, stellite saw teeth, and stellite valve seats and valve balls, etc.


Stellite 6 bushings Brief information.


Process :

Powder Metallurgy(PM) and investment casting 


38 - 44 HRC

Density :

8.4 g/cm ³

Size :

Diameter 8-500mm and maxium length 500mm(Over 500mm can be produced by sand casting if you need)


Properties :

Wear and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance 

Instructions :

Drawing made upon cutomers request 

Tolerance control :

turning or grinding surface , tolerance upon drawing 

Production lead time

normal order 30 days

Production capacity :

2,000pcs one month.

Package :

 carton or plywood case , pallet for export 



Production Process:

 Stellite 6 bushing 

Best service


1.       Samples could be supplied for testing at first

2.       Flexible order ,there is no MOQ request .

3.       Professional technical team and engineers to support us . 

Please contact us and send inquiries if you need stellite products. 

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