Application of Stellite Alloy in Valve

The grades often used for regulating valves are Stellite3 and Stellite 6. It is mainly used to deal with the parts where the valve core and valve seat are easily worn. Because the price of the material is a little expensive, it is decided whether to use Stellite according to the operating temperature and pressure difference of the valve in production practice.

In addition to the operating temperature and differential pressure parameters, the medium conditions should also be used as an important parameter for whether to use Stellite parts. 

For fluids to be controlled as described below containing solids, the seat and plug should be made of Stellite.

  • The pipelines used by refineries to transport crude oil contain fine particles of soil.

  • In natural gas pipelines, natural gas contains sand.

  • The steam output from the boiler contains powdery substances.

At present, our Stellite products are mostly used in butterfly valves. We can customized the size according to your requirements or drawing.

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