The last stage blades of the steam turbine are prone to water corrosion, and the failure of the blades leads to the unsafe operation of the steam turbine. The stellite alloy blade anti-corrosion sheet properly solves the problem, and the stellite alloy anti-corrosion sheet is welded to the blades by brazing. , effectively prevent the water corrosion of the steam turbine blades, and improve the safety and economy of the normal operation of the steam turbine.
Cobalt Chrome Alloy
stellite 4 sleeve for galvanizing production line.
Stellite welding rods is a kind of cobalt-based alloy, can be used in wear applications, a spraying process, and hard facing applications.
SYTOP common material include stellite 1, stellite 6, stellite 12, stellite 21. Standard size include D2.7mm, D3.2mm, D4.0mm, D4.8mm, D6.4mm. Continuous cast solid rod is supplied in standard 1m lengths. (Other lengths are available). These are in stock, if you have any other different requirenment, we can also customized according to your requirenments.
Stellite valve cage, has a high temperature, wear and corrosion resistance and can be used in many terrible environments.
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