Stellite21 alloy heat treatment system
Release Time: 2021-09-13



Alloy chemical composition:

C: 0.20

Cr: 27.0

Mo: 6.0

Ni: 2.0

Co: margin

Applicable to: steam turbine blades, extrusion dies.

Physical properties:

Hardness (HRC room temperature): 55

Stellite alloy has excellent resistance to friction, cavitation, mortar abrasion and thermal wear. The alloy also has good corrosion properties. Even at 480℃ hot red temperature, it still has quite good hardness, strength and wear resistance.

Stellite alloy heat treatment system:

The size and distribution of carbide particles in Stellite alloy and the grain size are very sensitive to the casting process. In order to make the cast Stellite alloy parts reach the required endurance strength and thermal fatigue performance, the casting process parameters must be controlled. Stellite alloy requires heat treatment, mainly to control the precipitation of carbides. For casting Stellite alloy, first perform high-temperature solution treatment, usually at a temperature of about 1150°C, so that all primary carbides, including some MC-type carbides, are dissolved into solid solution; then aging treatment is performed at 870-980°C , So that carbides (the most common is M23C6) precipitation again.

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