In 2nd June 2018,Shenyang Top New Material Co., Ltd hold their first " Fan games"

In order to allow everyone to participate. The fun games, retaining traditional projects,and make some innovations to put all kinds of fun sports in it. Ensuring everyone can participate in it, reflecting sports, feeling fun, and enhancing friendship.There are 5 teams in this sports event with 6 fun projects.

At the start, our General Manager speaks at opening ceremony.

For 5 teams, they are pink, blue, purple, green, and orange, after everyone choose their team, the GAMES start. Every team start seriously work on their Team Name and Team slogan and Team logo.

All of them are very hard working on this, finally the Blue Team is the first one to finished this part, and the Purple Team is the team with the best picture, the Green team is the Team with the best show.

The first game is "Baotuan Games", When the host said a number, there must be that number people hug together.If the people more or less than the number, they will be passed.

Then we played the "Slow cycling" Race who rides bikes is the slowest.In final, the Pink and Green wins.

Then, the last game,"Fun relay", there are 4 parts,the first one is "Five legs", four people with five legs run or waltk to the second parts" Eat biscuits" : One person put a biscuit on his or her face, he/she use their face to eat it, then run to the third parts,"Tremendous stress", One person took another person to the fingerboard and took off his shoes. Then he walk through the fingerboard and went to the fourth part.


After all games, the "Green Team" Win this first " Fan games" ,They won trophies and medals. Congratulations!!!

And the "Pink Team" and the "Orange team" take their punishment,"the Seaweed Dance"

We take a really fun time at that day, no matter who win, or who lose, we got a lot of fun, and we truelly feel all of us are the parts of the "TOP" family, hope in future, we will get together, work together, and play together.

We are Family

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